About AMPI

A. M. P. I. is the Mexican Association of real estate professionals formed in 1956. It now has members in more than 22 cities, plus an International Section. AMPI is affiliated with the National Association of  Realtors (U.S.A.), the Canadian Real Estate Association, FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation, and with the newly formed International consortium of Real Estate Associations. ICREA.

Mexico, through AMPI is represented on the five member Board of Directors of this new global initiative.

AMPI is a private organization of professional Real Estate Practitioners that are subject to our bylaws and adopted our code of ethics, for the integral formation of its members,  dignifying the Real Estate practice and protecting always the  private property rights.

AMPI is the largest Real Estate Association in Mexico, founded in 1957 in Mexico City, with 20 members. Today has thousands of members and represents about 10,000 practitioners through the country. AMPI includes: Appraisers, Developers, councilors and Brokers, which are subject to our bylaws and adopted our code of ethics. AMPI is governed by the National Board of Directors, which elects a National President for a 2 year term. AMPI has 30 autonomous boards, in most of the major areas in the country.

AMPI works together with Federal, State and Municipal authorities, proposing new laws and amendments to existing laws and regulations, directly related to the Real Estate activity. A. M. P. I. is a founding member of the international Consortium of Real Estate Associations. AMPI Has a Practitioners Registry at the Mexican consumer protection Agency and uses authorized contracts.